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Dear user,
vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. and its global subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as "vivo", "we", "us", or "our") respect your privacy and will do our best to protect your personal information. The EasyShare Privacy Policy ("this Policy") applies to the collection, processing, storage, transmission, and protection of user information during use of the EasyShare app (this app and its related contents are collectively known as "this Service"). Please read, understand, and agree to this Policy before using this Service. You are particularly reminded to read the content in bold.
You are required to be an adult to use this product, or, if you are a minor, you have your guardian's permission to use this product, and your guardian has read and agreed to this Privacy Policy and relevant service terms. By using this Service, you have read, agreed to, and accepted all the terms in this Privacy Policy. We shall use and protect your information for the necessity and efficiency of providing this Service in accordance with the requirements of this Privacy Policy.
Note: The functions of different systems and models may vary slightly, depending on the actual software version you are using. The following terms are only valid for the versions and functions available to you.

1. Transmission of User Content
(1) You acknowledge that this Service is used to transmit contacts, SMS messages, call logs, calendars, apps, notes, images, music, videos, recordings, settings, and other content supported by this Service (collectively referred to as "user content") on this device to another authorized device in a face-to-face manner.
(2) When you transmit a certain type of user content (for example, photos on your device) for the first time, we will ask for your pre-authorization to access this content.
(3) Some user content will be displayed on the interface of this Service in the form of images, abstracts, or other tangible forms. The content to be displayed will be randomly generated and updated based on the user content stored on your device.
(4) User content can only be transmitted to a specific device authorized to receive it on a single occasion of transmission. We will only help transmit user content from one device to another, and will not collect it from you or obtain, process, or use it in any form.

2. Information We Collect
(a) Your device information: When you use this Service on a certain device, we will collect specific information from this device, including the IMEI and/or other device identifiers (OAID, VAID, and AAID), device model, device name, and system version. Such information is used to quickly determine errors, provide you with a functional feedback feature, and determine the version and model of your device to make timely product optimizations and provide update prompts or an auto-update service.
(b) IP address: When you use Web Share and other related functions, we need to collect your IP address as required to enable the function, and shall use such information for LAN connection and server verification purposes. We will only collect such information when you use relevant functions.
(c) MAC address: When you use the Multi Screen function and connect by searching for the PC, we need to collect the MAC address of your device (such information will only be used on your device and will not be uploaded to the server).
(d) Your log information: During your use of this Service, we will collect the log information generated by this Service, including the usage duration, data size transmitted, data type, operations, connection status, and the package name and version of the specified app (if applicable). The log information we collect from you will only be used to provide the basic services and analyze any existing and potential issues during your use of this Service. It will not identify you.
(e) Your operational information: When your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network or any other free network, we will collect information about your operations with this Service from time to time, including but not limited to page redirects and operations such as tapping, setting, and exiting the app. Operational information will be used to track and analyze the user's operation of the Service, so that we can optimize our products and services and improve user experience. We shall not use this information to refer to or identify specific individuals, nor shall we conduct any intention judgment or behavioral analysis on it.
(f) Your transmitted data: When you use the Phone Clone and file transfer functions, we will cache the images, audio, text, contacts, and messages that you select, as well as your authorization for the transmitted app or service module, in order to help you transmit the aforementioned data content and usage, retain your usage habits in the target device as much as possible, and improve your experience of using the EasyShare service. The relevant data will only be used to complete the transmission. We will not conduct any content or intention recognition, nor will we use it for any other purpose.

3. Permissions
This Service requires some device permissions to enable its functions. See the specific permissions and the authorization purposes below:
(1) Bluetooth/Wi-Fi: The Bluetooth/Wi-Fi permission is required to discover and pair devices.
(2) Network: The network permission is required to update or upgrade the Service and submit log information and your feedback.
(3) Enabling/disabling the mobile network: When using the Phone Clone function, you need to establish a hotspot connection. To avoid data consumption by the authorized device, we may disable the mobile network of your device.
(4) Location: Access to your location is required to obtain your phone's MAC address for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi discovery.
(5) SMS/Contacts/Call logs: When using the Phone Clone function, you need to enable read/write access to your SMS messages, contacts, and call logs to transmit such content between devices and remove duplicates.
(6) Audio recording: When using the Screen Mirroring function, you need to enable the audio recording permission to record screen sound and mirror it in real time (ambient sound cannot be recorded).
(7) Screen recording: When using the Screen Mirroring function, you need to enable the screen recording permission to record the screen and mirror it in real time.
(8) Camera: When scanning the QR code to establish a device connection and transmit content, or setting your profile picture by taking a photo and uploading it, you need to enable the camera permission.
(9) Notification: The notification permission is required to use the Multi Screen function and enable notifications.
(10) Call: Your call permission is required to use the Multi Screen function and receive calls through the PC.
(11) Phone: Your phone permission is required for access to the IMEI number for identification of your device.
(12) Calendar: Access to your calendar is required for backup and recovery of events.
(13) Storage: Access to your storage is required to enable basic EasyShare services, and provide backup and recovery of multimedia data.
The above permissions will only be enabled to realize the corresponding functions of this Service. Please rest assured that this Service will not access your permissions when you are not using the functions of this Service.

4. How We Share, Transfer, or Publicly Disclose Your Personal Information
(1) Sharing refers to providing your personal information to other personal information controllers, and both parties have independent control over the personal information. In compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations, the information we collect from you may be shared in the following circumstances:
Sharing with vivo's affiliates: Your information will be shared with vivo's subsidiaries or affiliates for the implementation of all functions of this Service, internal audits, security checks, and necessary business operations (such as product evaluation and improvement, identification of service exceptions, and maintenance of existing services) to continuously improve the quality of services provided by vivo and its affiliates and offer better software and hardware services.
Sharing with authorized partners: With your express authorization and consent, we will disclose some of your non-personal information (which does not identify you personally) to our authorized partners when necessary to enable this Service or relevant EasyShare services that you use, and we will take strict security and confidentiality measures.
(2) We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization, or individual, unless we obtain your express authorization and consent.
(3) Generally, personal information should not be disclosed to the public. We will only disclose your personal information when we have obtained your express consent or as required by laws and regulations or public and government agencies.
(4) If third-party SDKs are involved, third parties may provide services to you through EasyShare. When you enter the service page operated by a third party, please note that relevant services are provided by such third party. Regarding the collection of your personal information by third parties, please carefully read the privacy policy or terms of such third parties.
SDK Name Company Purpose Personal Information Collected by the SDK Link
WeChat Open SDK Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Co., Ltd. Call the links for sharing, transfer, and download in WeChat and Moments. Information about commonly used personal devices https://open.weixin.qq.com/
Tencent Open SDK Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Co., Ltd. Call the links for sharing, transfer, and download in QQ. Information about commonly used personal devices https://connect.qq.com/

5. Cross-Border Transmission
Personal information collected and generated by this Service within the territory of the People's Republic of China will be stored in the country without cross-border transmission involved.

6. Retention and Protection of Personal Information
(1) Retention period and expiration: We will retain your personal information for the minimum period needed to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected as described in this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations. When the retention period for your personal information expires, we will delete or anonymize your personal information.
(2) Information security and protection: We will protect your personal information with reasonable security precautions and programs, including but not limited to security checks and encryption tools/software. If we stop operating this Service or if you stop using this Service, we will no longer collect or use any of your information, and we will anonymize or delete your information we store.

7. Managing Personal Information
(1) You can call our customer service hotline or visit vivo.com to contact us via our online service agents to submit a request to query, modify, or delete your personal information. In order to better protect the security of your personal information, we may verify your identity before accepting your request to ensure that the request is made by the subject of the personal information or their authorized representative. Please make sure that your request is specific and actionable. We will try our best to carry out accepted requests within 15 business days. In the meantime, we will store and isolate your information in a highly secure manner.
(2) You may change the scope of your personal information you authorize us to continue to collect or withdraw your authorization by disabling the relevant functions on your device or contacting us. Please understand that the performance of some service functions requires certain basic personal information. After you withdraw your consent or authorization, we will no longer be able to provide you with the related service, nor will we process your relevant personal information. However, your decision to withdraw your consent or authorization will not affect the processing of personal information previously conducted based on your authorization.

8. Disclaimer
This Privacy Policy has stated the standards for vivo's protection of your private data. vivo shall strictly follow such standards and take all appropriate and feasible measures to protect your personal information and data. However, please be aware and understand that vivo is unable to control all factors or how third parties collect and use your information and data, nor can any measures be completely infallible. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your data and information will not be disclosed under any circumstances. This Privacy Policy only applies to how vivo collects, uses, and shares information, and not to services provided by third parties or how third parties collect, use, and share information.

9. About This Policy
vivo shall reserve the right to update or modify this Policy from time to time. Once the terms of this Privacy Policy are changed, vivo shall display the updated version on relevant pages. If changes to the terms have a significant impact on your interests, we will notify you in a prominent manner or re-obtain your authorization. Your use and continued use of this Service means that you agree to this Policy and its updates. If you do not agree to this Policy, do not use the Service or please disable the Service on your device. You can find the latest version of this Policy in your device settings.

10. Contact Us
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please call our customer service at 400-678-9688, or go to vivo's official website at https://www.vivo.com to contact us via our online service agents.
If you are not satisfied with our reply or handling, you can turn to external approaches by submitting a request to the Dongguan No. 2 People's Court (Tel.: 0769-89889888) in Guangdong, China for adjudication.

11. Miscellaneous
For matters not stipulated in this Privacy Policy (including but not limited to the handling of minors' data, how we transfer and publicly disclose your personal information, information and data security and relevant measures, personal information management, and information and data integrity), please refer to the vivo Privacy Policy at

IMPORTANT: In view of the possible discrepancies between various language versions, the Simplified Chinese version shall prevail when interpreting the terms of this Privacy Policy. By using our services, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

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